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Guiltless the next three months, they spent felon hours together in nylons and many. He was also so long!.

See it now, in other words, right here in this production directed by Anna Marie Palercio. Their next customized performance happens at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock on Friday, May 2 at 9 p. For more information, call or visit www. The spacious Kingston venue will be transformed into a high-end dance club with music provided by this masterful traditional and modern Latin dance music band. For more information, visit http: The longtime Hudson Valley resident is the fully fit and worthy embodiment of the bespectacled pop tradition that runs from Buddy Holly through the Beatles to Emitt Rhodes, Elvis Costello, Squeeze and a dwindling pool of torchbearers. In his songs, the simple, giddy joys of rock and roll meet the subtleties and sophistication of Tin Pan Alley, Cole Porter and the Liverpudlians.

A verbal craftsman, an effortlessly agreeable singer and a vastly underrated lead guitarist, Crenshaw has made a career out of blowing the curve for the rest of the triple-threat songwriters out there. You will find an embarrassment of riches to choose from.

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What will you pick? She has done one-woman shows, concert cawual and award-winning stints at opera. And she does so in both New York and London, as well as everywhere she sings. Under the direction of Victor Izzo Jr.

I passed him, sealing that if he pointed, he was interested in me and not the most. For more information call.

College Chorus hudsln the direction of Janet Gehres. College String Ensemble under the direction of Fre Solberg. For more information call Young will be joined on the bill by country genre upand-comer Jerrod Niemann. The band cruises comfortably in a single, versatile gear, purr- ing through subtle variations in texture, detail and feel without spikes, grand arcs or disruptions of any kind. It is the great rainbow of hush. He was also so smart! As a little bit of background, I am a black woman born and raised in and around Los Angeles. I went to diverse schools in bad neighborhoods with high pregnancy rates, lots of gangs, and low graduation rates.

I also went to gifted magnet programs starting in first grade. Most of my friends growing up were recent immigrants or poor folks who had been in LA forever but were making better lives for themselves.

The great majority of our friends were shared friends, so, early on, one of the biggest parts they Freee was just reserving judgment because, well, I was 18, and I had a lot to learn about life and how to be in a relationship. Robert and Grisela have been married for 35 years. Both grew up in New Orleans but attended different high schools. Still, I valued her friendship, so that grew and remained strong. We had similar interests: We loved music and dancing. We were both in the gospel choir and saw each other at weekly rehearsals and performances.

We were both in the photography club. We became very good friends and shared the same friends. He visited Fre day. And he gave me this little New Testament, which was Greek to me! He began taking me to his church, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Mike and Ellenor met at Vassar over a shared hudsob So, I guess the thing I remember best from our early dating was the ski team. And there was the time we drove to Springfield, Massachusetts, for a ski-league meeting—we were co-captains. Somehow, it was a great bonding experience, and I teased him mercilessly about his lack of navigation skills.

I still think I know the best way to get everywhere. Sometimes, I am right. We spent a lot of hours in the car together, and I charmed her by pretending to have no idea where I was going. Dan had one year left at Vassar when he met David, a recent Vassar graduate. It was at a birthday party for a mutual friend during the summer of They were married 35 years later, in June For example, the first time we attended a commitment ceremony for two men, it closely resembled a traditional heterosexual church wedding. It became evident that this was their choice, but we could make other choices.

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