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How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line

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This can be tricky, as the route must communicate with unfinished space to the power source, and also communicate with the attic.

Hook up cooler Swamp

This wire is dead and ccooler no electricity until the switch is turned to one of the operational postions. The other end ties into the cold water supply line in the mechanical room. Refer to above diagram The green ground wires never carry electricity. Step 5 - Filling the Swamp Cooler Once you have installed the swamp cooler, fill it up with water and plug it into a power outlet. On the cooler end, during rough-in, leave plenty of extra length.

This is a direct connection to the coller assembly inside the cooler. The power junction box is up high inside the cooler cabinet. You can then turn it one and enjoy the cooler air inside your house. They are a safety "path to ground" to reduce the chances of shock and injury.

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Ensure that there Sqamp upward slope to the float location. The chain will hold the weight of the air conditioner and aid you in keeping it on cooler level position. Couplings are prone to leaking and will likely destroy your ceiling without notice. At the swamp cooler, the water hook-up is usually located on an exterior corner of the cooler. When installing a swamp cooler, always have the help of someone because of the bulkiness of the equipment. Step 4 - Placing Waterproof Stripping Close the opening of the window with the use of the sliders that are on both sides of the grid.

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