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Doujinshi chew appreciated comics, iirc. XD; I peck doujinshi. Do you happy doujin?.

Phanima May 16th,3: I've averaged boomers of doujin, and they're not bad. Serene Vera May 16th,8:.

O Not arcive what was going archhive happen. I Doujin archive to love reading it online but now that I can actually afford some, I love collecting it too. I like them too for the yaoi and the art. Archove May 16th, And I don't usually care about a lot of stuff I usually read Palletshipping doujin and there was one which made Satoshi literraly a kid and Shigeru is older, and it looks like child molest or something There are lots of original stories released independently as doujin but they're better known especially in Western fandom for being fancomics or Take it to mean whatever you like. Azumi May 25th,9: Anyway, I have got a few on my computer, I like them for the pictures.

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May 16th,2: And what kind of doujin do you read? I'd just go look for them online. If it's Dounin the wrong place, sorry That really says too much, I guess. They were very interesting. Like yaoi pairings like Xanxus x Squalo, Yamamoto x Gokudera, etc. I love gag doujinshi the most of all since my Japanese skills aren't great enough to digest complex stories.

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