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She is hot tempered ebony chick who prefers dirty sex with black dudes. Just take a Slht at her deep throat and hell working nsaty. Real Catfight This is a hot catfight scene with a smoking hot brunette babe. She gets naked and starts having beony lot of fun with a strapon. Sex is rated with RTA label. Parents, you can easily block access to this site. You could always mistake her for a lesbian she is the one with longer hairmostly because Leigh used to shave heard head bald. If you want fucked up pornstars, there is no denying that a sane person would not think of doing that. That also excludes her obsession with skulls, religious figures and Hello Kitty.

I have no idea how all of these are related. On a positive side, she is truly gorgeous, one of the prettiest pornstars of this generation.

I have lost the count on a number of clit earrings and if you take a deeper look at her tattoos, she is one fucked up pornstar. Guns on her stomach, skulls, roses, fucking robots and creepy girls. Have ebon started noticing that most of the hardcore pornstars are brunettes? This is not an accident, it looks like Satan requires you to dye your hair to the color of his balls. Calisi Ink used to be known as Nathalie Hardcore and calls herself erotic model. All kinds of fucked up and weird looking tattoos. The daemons on her chest would already be plentiful, but the worst offender is a tattoo of her ovaries.

Who the fuck thought that this is a brilliant idea?

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Personally, I believe that Sasha is done for good and will never come back to porn business. For the hardcore pornstar career to be successful, you need to keep on progressing while this tootsie started with badass and dialed down with time. If you have seen Bonnie porn then you know that she is nasty, dirty old slut that will abuse her body, take and drink whatever you ask her and jsut be your slave as long as that money is coming in. A rather good compromise, considering all the entertainment that she provides, also I wonder what her dad thinks of that. Cum eating, big titted whore that has probably a brain concussion from all the head shaking and hair pulling. Basically, you have someone who gets dick to push that dick so hard down her throat that she had to learn to breathe through the dick hole while salivating.

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