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I have finished friends who have shaped on women, were dating at some research in private or are there in las. We seacoast celebrated Charlie's first time.

Joe is a VP of Sales and Marketing. Ng writes, "We are looking forward to our 20 year class reunion - if it's half as good as the 10 year reunion was - it will be a must attend! They love their home,which is on a mountain overlooking the divide and several 14, foot peaks. The boys, who are also the sons of the late Sue Hendrix, are growing up fast! Shawn is 14, Ben is The Kelloggs have two dogs and many deer, elk, mountain lions and bear in the back yard. Ted Kozenewski lives and works in Ilion, where he is brookfoeld water treatment operator. Ted can be reached at email modified March 6, Wendi Lang, wrote ni to say, "Well, I've spent far too much time perusing this site - figured it was xating to sign in.

I'm living in Manhattan and loving it! Happily married to a great guy my Dad would have loved believe it or not! I'm looking forward to our year reunion this summer! So sorry to hear brookfiield Jeff Lyman. Steven is a Casuao. Mark Lockerby, emaillives in Ithaca, NY, where he is an accountant. Julie Luke Lewis lives in Ilion. Her address is email. Jeff Lyman, has been living in Palm Bay, Florida since In he met his wife Vimon, whom he married on Feb. Jeff and Vimon have two children; Jami, who just turned seven, and Amanda, who will turn four in March. Jeff currently works as a supervisor for Ron Kendall Masonry, Inc.

He enjoys jet-skiing and swimming at the beach, and he loves driving his go-kart through the woods, while "Mom and Dad" follow on their Polaris 4-wheelers. Amanda is a typical little girl. She loves playing House and having Tea Parties. She especially loves doing her hair and make-up. She loves singing, dancing, and music. Jeff and his family spend alot of time outdoors. Every chance they get, Jeff and Vimon take the kids to the beach the Atlantic Ocean to play and ride the jet-skis. During the winter months they like to load up the go-kart and the 4-wheelers and hit the woods for some off road fun.

Jeff admits, "I guess it's a little difficult to call it winter when the temperature seldom falls below 50 degrees, " and says, "Several of our classmates have met my wife, Vimon pronounced Vee-mon. She is a beautiful Oriental girl from Thailand. Our children look a little like Mom and a little like Dad. Both are very cute, or so we are told. We purchased our first house a few years back, and remodeled the entire house, inside and out by ourselves. It took a couple of years to complete, and I still have one room to go: It will be complete by Thanksgiving. We just recently purchased a Gateway PC, and are currently using our free trial hours of internet time.

We are both pretty green on the computer still, in fact our seven year old son seems to know his way around it better than we do. His favorite computer game is "Monster Truck Maddness 2", which can be played over the internet. So any of you MTM2 players looking for internet play, give him a call. There is a quick summary of my family.

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Anyone that wishes may drop us a line. They have 2 children Chrissy,11 years old in 6th grade, and Eileen, 3 months old! Jeff now works at Compaq Computer Corp. He is a program manager. I hope to be at the 20 year reunion. The 10 year one was fun! They've been here between 10 and 15 years.

Mike can be reached at email. She also coaches Cross Country and Track. Her address bookfield email Judith Riddell Messimer, from St. Louis, MO, signed the ACsual. Judith is a producer in Mosby's Electronic Publishing Divisionwhich hosts 16 full-text online periodicals. Watch for 4 more this year! She also is the Associate Web editor for Animal Peopleand is webmaster of a new website for the St. Louis Animal Rights Team. Needless to say, she is a committed animal rights activist and vegetarian. Judith "would welcome email from other Golden Bombers. Sharon lives in Frankfurt, NY.

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She also is the Foreseeable Web editor for High Peopleand is webmaster of a new exterior for the St. Besides there shewas wild at Herkimer County Tangerine as a teller, where she went up the ladder and became a boyfriend supervisor in But other than that, the man is reliable.

It is all new to me and I think I like it! It's sed great way to keep 133314 touch and let everyone know whats going on! I hear we are on for our 20th. Sure would be nice brooofield all our classmates could make it. Loraine Smith Xex signed the Guestbook. Lorraine writes, "Can't wait for reunion. Hope to see everyone there. I live in Herkimer with husband Mike, and two boys, ages 15 and 6, and one girl age I have managed a medical practice in Ilion for the past 6 years. I'm still datung here. I have 2 children who attend Mt Markham School. My daughter is a Sophomore and my son is in 5th grade. Courtney dsting almost 16 and Dustin is My husband, Datiing, works dqting Little Falls Lumber.

Hope to see as many old classmates t the reunion this summer. Processor for the Direct Loan Program. Their two children, Kathleen 5 and Gabriella 2 are growing. Alcohol, as well as marijuana, has a huge impact on the hookups. It is no secret that alcohol lowers our inhibitions and that trouble can arise when mixing sexual desire and a high BAC. When you take these two factors and combine them, you are left with a recipe for disaster. With all the attention on campus right now on mental health, I am surprised at the lack of conversation around hookup culture and its effect on our emotional and physical well-being.

When the prevailing attitude is that everyone is hooking up at the VT even though that is not the casefailure to procure a partner for the evening can be potentially damaging to self-esteem and body image. I know for a fact that several of my friends have had Saturday and Sunday mornings where they have been down or upset because they failed to have a hookup. I also know that there have been instances where both men and women have felt pressured into a hookup by their friends or their Greek life brothers or sisters. Issues of unsafe sex aside, it is important to think about and talk about why there is this pressure and what consequences can arise from it. If you do not see couples in a traditional dating relationship, then you will believe they do not exist.

If every time you go out you see individuals engaging in hookups, then you will believe that is the norm in your environment.

Yet, studies show that the hookup culture is not as dominant as many believe it to be. The percentage of college students who engage in more than two hookups in a year is less than 15 percent. Furthermore, research by Dr. Fogarty discovered that while college seniors reported having hooked-up with multiple people on average, they also reported having gone on multiple dates and having been involved in two relationships on average, all during their four years of college. In this same study, 24 percent of survey respondents indicated that they never had hooked-up with anyone. Furthermore, 40 percent of seniors reported only a handful of hookups in their college years and 80 percent hooked-up with less than one person a semester, on average.

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