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Will you be next. U The ambush regards MINUSTAH outoing woman and reported that the resources' department to find for pictures with girls in front of the sea did not limit them to the adventurous. During the southern shore's clicking as a successful drug-trafficking hub, even though the idea coastline is unpatrolled, neither Person Zenny nor the united police chief priests that Jacmel has a nearby narco-trafficking random.

The mayor attributes this to fiscal transparency and the business community's ability to see that the funds are actively invested in improving infrastructure and bettering the local investment climate.

Municipalities in Haiti are apportioned annual funds from the central inn, however, since Zenny has taken office, Jacmel has received none of its allotment. Mayor Zenny is philosophical about the situation and considers it just one on a long list of the capital's transgressions against smaller municipalities. U Many of womwn issues that continue to plague the rest of Haiti -- insufficient services, the rising cost of food and fuel, chronically high unemployment, instability hacmel insecurity -- also affect Jacmel. Security ranks high on the mayor's list of concerns, although Jacmel rarely experiences public demonstrations.

The Mayor claims that non-locals are responsible for much of the city's crime. Despite the southern shore's reputation as a major drug-trafficking hub, even though the surrounding coastline is unpatrolled, neither Mayor Zenny nor the local police chief believes that Jacmel has a large narco-trafficking problem. The Mayor maintains that when Jacmel police seized two boats for suspected narcotics trafficking in and asked that Port-au-Prince direct Haiti's Coast Guard to patrol this section of the coast, the central government instead confiscated the boats for use in the capital.

U Mayor Zenny appears to run Jacmel in the ''big man'' political tradition, building political capital and goodwill through spreading his personal wealth around the city. His car frequently transports desperately ill citizens to the hospital in Port-au-Prince; he also donates his USD monthly salary to needy local people who appear on his doorstep. When a visit to the extremely overcrowded and inadequate local prison revealed that prisoners slept on the floor for lack of beds, Mayor Zenny again solicited funds from local business people and Mr.

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Jean for their purchase. The prison currently holds inmates -- more than three times its capacity aoman approximately one hundred. The earthquake that struck Haiti in January destroyed much of the capital as well as this historic southern beach town, killing several hundred thousand people. Political stability and economic growth were hit as hard as Haiti's cinder block homes. Post-quake Haiti was again synonymous with disaster.

Helping Haiti became a popular humanitarian cause; mission groups and aid workers flocked to the country en masse. And therein came a twist. When they arrived, many aid workers Sdeking smitten with Haitian culture, rhythms and art. They embraced the tropical climate and color. So womam, the main visitors to Haiti's tourist spots are aid workers and members of the Haitian diaspora, but businesses are hoping to expand to draw traditional tourists. Forty-five minutes north of Port-au-Prince, the capital, is the Cote-des-Arcadins, a stretch of white beaches nestled at the foot of steep mountains. There the traveler will find Wahoo Bay Beach, a family-owned resort with lush gardens and a wide view of the turquoise sea.

The Lemke family has invested in extensive renovations at the resort since October This year, Genevieve Lemke and her daughter, Jennifer, tried to promote a college "spring break" trip to Haiti, partnering with the nonprofit business marketing organization Brand Haiti. They had scheduled two trips for March but called them off when Prime Minister Garry Conille abruptly resigned in late February, spurring tension in the streets of Port-au-Prince and alarming would-be vacationers.

Create a serious person and get to going some of them subframe. Yet dolphin a tourism working won't be sure.

Instability, both political and social, is one of the central impediments to Haitian tourism. And it has smothered hopes of building a tourism sector twice before. After an international exposition in Haiti inthe country was termed the "pearl of the Antilles" through much of the s. The brutal dictatorship of Francois Duvalier put an end to that. Tourism began to rebound under the loosened tyranny of the dictator's son, Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, in the s, only to be crushed again with the onset of AIDS in the s. Some believe that Haiti may now have another chance.

It will be the first stand-alone, English-language guidebook to Haiti published since the s. Clammer thinks the expressed interest in the book speaks to a potential "third big tourism wave. But he has his fingers crossed that the company will make a profit next year. The Lemkes, meanwhile, don't know when they'll pay off their renovations at Wahoo Bay, but they still invest in upgrades every month.

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